New service "THE BASEMENT" is coming. 

Hi, thank you for checking out my website as always. There was crazy thunderstorm in New York City today, so many floods every where. Thank god my studio is safe.

Today I'd like announce that I have something new coming up. Let me introduce "THE BASEMENT" it's brand new monthly subscription service where you have unlimited access to my curated resource for music, ideas/concepts, archives, exclusive "behind the scene" videos and photos libraries.

"THE BASEMENT" introduction page.

So basically it's like…

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新サービス”THE BASEMENT”、近日公開予定。 

こんにちは、ミキヤです。皆さんいかがお過ごしですか?ニューヨークは夏真っ盛り、ワクチン接種を済ませた人々はマスクの存在なんかすっかり忘れて毎晩騒ぎ狂ってます笑 いやはや、街に活気が戻ってきたのは良いのですが、週末になるとこんなに混沌とした街だったかとビックリします。

さて今回は近日公開予定の新サービス”THE BASEMENT”について少し紹介をして、なぜこのサービスを展開しようと思ったのか話します。

まず”THE BASEMENT”とは何か?”THE BASEMENT”は月額制のオンラインリソースサービスで、月額$5(約550円現在)で、埼玉県の田舎で育った僕がどうやって渡米して5年間でアメリカツアー出来るほどのミュージシャンに成長したのかを綴った限定ブログや、その5年間の過程僕が学んだ音楽の知識やアイディアのアーカイブ、そして実際に音楽制作に使用できる音源の配信や、アメリカツアー舞台裏の動画や写真などサイトにまとめたものに無制限にアクセスすることが出来る仕組みです。

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Check out my Bandcamp page!! 

I launched my Bandcamp for my beat tape project "Vibrant Fruit". I'll be releasing short instrumental music there first, then hopefully more original music for you to listen!

Please check out it's free to listen, no need to sign up.

Hope you're having great day!

What should I write about next? Mmmm - Mikiya

"Drum Kit" and "Drum Loops" by Mikiya is now available at the store!! 

Hey everyone this is Mikiya and yes you guessed it, I'm writing another blog from Groove Solution Studio in East Village, New York.

Hope you are safe and relaxed, if not I'm preparing music for you to enjoy. But before I really move on to next project here is announcement, my drum kit sample and drum loops is now available at the store!! I'm so excited for you to check them out, I actually sold my first pack today!! And it's not someone I know!! (or at least I couldn't remember, if that's the case I…

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Now you can listen to sample music of my drum kit/loop packs on website!! 

Hey everyone it's Mikiya. Writing blog today from Groove Solution Studio in East Village, New York. It's cold out here, I heard there will be snow storm tomorrow. (oh no)

Anyway I'm almost ready to release my sample packs! I'm so excited even tho I know probably no one will read this blog yet since I haven't announced this website to anyone haha but it's important keep writing to build my website.

So this week I'm going to release two packs! One is my drum kit samples and other one is drum loops 90BPM. Now…

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My official website is here! 

Hello! And thank you so much for visiting my website! I'm Mikiya Ito, NYC-based drummer.

I'm excited to announce that my official website is now open! My website will be the platform for fans, musicians where you can receive and access "website exclusive contents" make sure to sign up my emailing list for latest update! It's free and I promise I won't spam you and make your email box full of my stuff haha

Again, thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to leave a comment and also email me directly for…

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Drum kit samples and drum loop coming soon... 

Oh so my drum loops and drum kit samples will be available on store soon. This is one of my first project for making digital music contents on put online, please take a look and also there will be free version to download! FREE!

By the way how did you guys spend your valentine's day? I was working on this website and also doing rehearsal with jazz trio that I've been working on as a different project...