Thank you for checking out "THE BASEMENT" .


"THE BASEMENT" is exclusive online community and there are two sides, one as a network, one as a fan base. "THE BASEMENT" network is where you can find other creators, supporters and discuss about your project, things you want to accomplish. Whole members including you will be helping each others to solve the problem and improve. Share your ideas and information, expand your network and finally find someone you can actually work with. Of course I'll be joining discussion and try to keep the engagement high in the community. I will be also sharing  my unreleased contents which includes original music, live performance videos and drum loops(100% royalty free).

Once you become our member, you'll have unlimited access to all these contents. Also your support will help me directly to keep creating music. "THE BASEMENT" is available in English and Japanese. 

Who is this for?? 

People who support my music, my career. And creators and musicians looking for a community to expand their network and exchange ideas. We won't let you face your problem alone. We'll put our knowledge and experience together to make things happen.

What do you get? 

With $5/month, you'll get unlimited access to...

Unreleased live performance videos
Unreleased original music
(in progress)
Drum loops (.wav) (in progress)
(Cancel Anytime.) 

If you're interested, send me a message! Let's talk first and see what we can do together. - Mikiya